Female Founder Drinks: The 5 Essential Factors For Success In The Age Of Collaboration

Datum: 31.03.21
Veranstaltungsort: Online
Webseite: www.womenway.org

Join us to celebrate Women’s Month! Female Founders Association is excited to have as our guest speaker: Ekaterina Kamenskaya

Ekaterina is a Senior Engineer, Tech Lead and former Women’s Lead in one of the world’s leading tech company, Google, an author and speaker. Ekaterina will share with us in her fun and interactive talk:

The 5 Essential Factors For Success In The Age Of Collaboration

Collaboration is at the core of successful business in the 21st century. Individuals, teams and businesses that collaborate get results. Google – laser focused on getting results – have spent untold millions on researching what are the key essential factors for successful collaborations. There are 5 key factors and the results may surprise you.

Bring along your questions, we’ll have 15-20 minutes in-depth Q&A session. As with all Female Founders Drink events, it will be an evening of sharing ideas and laughter.

In this talk, you will find out:

  1. Why collaboration is so vital to entrepreneurs.
  2. What are the 5 secrets for successful collaborations.
  3. Factors for effective remote collaborations – the new norm with the COVID crisis and will remain an important part of business post COVID.

More about Ekaterina Kamenskaya
Ekaterina is Google’s Senior Engineering Productivity Engineer and a Tech Lead, mentor for women, author and speaker. She has published a book “Methods of processing and recognition of facial images in biometric tasks”. She has been a Women Engineers Lead in Google Zurich for 3 years, and she provides mentorship and support for women in tech. Ekaterina gives regular talks at the conferences, such as GDG DevFest.

Ekaterina is passionate about education, culture and well-being. She was a university lecturer at St Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI), has a long history of leading the Google’s internal education community, and facilitated both technical and wellbeing courses at Google. For example, she teaches mindfulness and emotional intelligence (‘Search Inside Yourself’), Life Design, The Power of Human Connection.

She has Engineering and Management degrees and a PhD in Engineering from St Petersburg State Electrotechnical University (LETI). She now lives in Zurich.

7.30 Susie Poole Welcome
7.35 Ekaterina Kamenskaya talk & break-out sessions
8.40 Q&A session
9.00 Closing

Female Founders Association and the WomenWay Association have merged, and will in future appear under the name of WomenWay. WomenWay will continue to offer events for a larger audience of women in business, while the Female Founder Drinks, launched by the Female Founders Association in 2018, will continue to bring Female Founders and Investors on stage.