TEDD Annual Meeting 2021: Cross-industrial applications of organotypic models

Datum: 14.10.21
Veranstaltungsort: ZHAW, Campus Grüental, GA building, auditorium main building, Grüentalstrasse 14, 8820 Wädenswil
Webseite: zhaw.ch

Recent advances in microphysiological systems (MPS) promise a global paradigm shift in drug development, diagnostics, disease prevention, and therapy. The expectation is that these systems will model healthy and various diseased stages and disease progression to predict toxicity, immunogenicity, ADME profiles, and treatment efficacies.

MPS will provide unprecedented human-like physiological properties of in vitro models, enabling their routine application in the pharma industry and thus supporting reducing drug development costs by lowering the attrition rate of compounds. Furthermore, we believe that promoting the cross-sectoral collaboration of academia and industry will further pave the way for widespread exploitation in precision diagnostics and therapy, disease prevention, and personalized nutrition. This will set a future-oriented alternative to animal testing, which is essential in the socio-political context.

During this TEDD Annual Meeting, we would like to showcase MPS application diversity across different industries. The aim is to foster the development of next-generation microphysiological systems (MPS) based on 3D cell culture, organoid, and organ-on-chip technology. To enable visionary projects and radical innovations, we will cover multidisciplinary fields and connect different industry sectors, like pharma, medtech, biotech, cosmetics, diagnostics, fragrances, and food, with each other.

TEDD Annual Meeting 2021 is recognised by the Swiss Association of Cantonal Veterinarians (VSKT) as 0.5 days continuing education in 3R principle (replacement, reduction, and refinement of animal experimentation) for:

  • Animal welfare officers
  • Study directors
  • Involved persons

More information:

TEDD Competence Centre (Tissue Engineering for Drug Development and Substance Testing) is an education, R&D and networking platform promoting the application of 3D organotypic technologies, with the core goal of replacing animal experimentation for therapies development. Based in Switzerland, TEDD is one of its kind in Europe focused on 3D for 3Rs. The community is composed of international members from academia, clinics, industry and non-profits. Training of members is achieved through regular events at the national and international level, including workshops, symposia, company visits, scientific reviews and we provide a platform to generate research consortia, projects and grant applications.