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The hospital of the future – advances in healthcare robotics

Datum: 08.02.23
Veranstaltungsort: ETH Zürich, LEE E 101, Leonhardstrasse 21, Zürich
Webseite: Zur Anmeldung

Robots are used in operating rooms and in clinical settings to support healthcare professionals and enhance patient care. The use of robotics extends even to research laboratories to automate manual, repetitive, and high-volume tasks so technicians and scientists can focus their attention on more strategic tasks.

As technologies evolve, robots will function more autonomously, eventually performing certain tasks entirely on their own. As a result, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers will be able to spend more time providing direct patient care.

Several public funded projects are currently conducted at ETH Zurich as well as in spin-offs to accelerate innovations in robotics for healthcare.

Find out, what the future could look like and how these new technologies can transform hospitals.

This event is open for experts from hospitals, the healthcare sector, industry and academia as well as other interested parties. Participation is free of charge, but registration is required:

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