Building safe and reliable AI for health care – insights from real world use cases

Datum: 02.06.21
Veranstaltungsort: Online

Methods from the fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have been applied successfully in many different domains and industries. The health sector is no exception to this. The digitization of medical records and diagnostic data along with the increasing amount of patient-generated data have placed high hopes when it comes to healthcare Machine Learning solutions.

As of today, no clear norms or guidelines for the development of AI devices in the medical field exist. Due to this and despite regular publications of papers on medical AI, only few approved applications of AI can be found in the medical practice. This is unfortunate, as AI has a great potential to curb rising healthcare costs and improve the patient experience.

In this webcast we will show how AI projects can be executed in a regulated setting. We will cover in depth the real world medical machine learning projects of building a decision support system for diagnostics, getting FDA-clearance for a wearable medical device and developing a machine learning pipeline for a surgical robot. These examples will help to show how the Data Science Process can be adapted at each phase to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Date: 2. June 2021
Start: 08.00 am CEST
Duration: 1 hour