Swisscom StartUp Challenge 2021: Boosting the future of cyber security

Swisscom, in partnership with Venturelab, is launching the Swisscom StartUp Challenge 2021. The main theme of the ninth Swisscom StartUp Challenge is cyber security. The program is open to startups and research teams who develop solutions in the field of cyber security and security awareness. The StartUp Challenge is a unique opportunity for founders to pitch their products, fully functional prototypes, and solutions to an expert panel and win a one-week exploration program.

Cyber security, one of the most important issues in our decentralized digital world, is the focus of the Swisscom Start-up Challenge 2021.

How should we go about protecting ourselves from cyber-attacks and how do we empower organizations and companies to tackle security risks? How can we deploy automated processes and technological solutions to identify and defend against threats and attacks more rapidly and efficiently? What can we do to reinforce a systematic and sustainable security culture and raise employees’ awareness of how to handle workplace challenges and ‘the new normal’ safely?

If you are a start-up or research team developing products, prototypes, and solutions in the field of cyber security, then apply for an exploration program with Swisscom’s cyber security community and take them to the next level.

Here Swisscom briefly explains their three biggest challenges in the cyber security environment.

What’s in store for the 5 winners?

  • A one-week exploration program with Swisscom’s Cyber Security Community and access to Swisscom’s infrastructure (remote option)
  • Mentoring from Swisscom cyber security experts and partners
  • Development of marketing and sales skills
  • Individual pitch training and coaching from Venturelab
  • Discussion of cyber security experiences with leading entrepreneurs and venture capitalists
  • Building a network of potential customers and business partners
  • Consideration is given to a business partnership with Swisscom and investment from Swisscom Ventures
  • Invitation and network building for a selected start-up at the Swisscom Outpost in Silicon Valley (US). The program will be tailored to the individual needs of the start-up.

Applicant requirements

  • A cyber security prototype, product, or solution
  • The team must be able to present a fully functioning prototype or product during the exploration program (in the Swisscom environment if appropriate).
  • The application must be usable in Switzerland
  • An ambitious and visionary research or start-up team

What’s in store for winners during the exploration program?

  • Access to security applications and existing Swisscom Services as well as the infrastructure used in the customer environment.
  • Support and mentoring from Swisscom cyber security experts and partners
  • Building a network of potential customers and business partners.
  • Exploration program and an invitation to the Swisscom Outpost in Silicon Valley (US) for a selected start-up.

Jury and mentors of the Swisscom Startup Challenge

The jury consists of members of the Swisscom Group Executive Board, Swisscom Ventures and the program partners Venturelab, among others. Experts from Swisscom and the program partners will accompany the five winners during the exploration program.

Follow the previous Swisscom Startup Challenges on social media using the hashtag #StartUpChallenge.

Should you have any further questions, please contact Yannick Bomhard:


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