Datum: 04.03.22–06.03.22
Veranstaltungsort: Zürich
Webseite: zurichartweekend.com

For ZURICH ART MARCH! museums, art centers, galleries and off-spaces will open their doors over three days with new exhibitions and curated events.

Enjoy a weekend of art discoveries and inspiring exchanges with the major players of the Zurich art scene.

In parallel to the program of exhibitions and events, ZAW will present a special project developed in collaboration with a world-leading institution in the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence, the AI Center of ETH Zürich.

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ZURICH ART WEEKEND is a non-profit oriented organisation that brings together Zurich’s major public and private art institutions through a variety of initiatives and events all year round.

The fifth edition of the highlight event, ZURICH ART WEEKEND, will take place JUNE 10–12, 2022. Two further satellite WEEKENDS will take place MARCH 4–6 and NOVEMBER 11–13, 2022.